Coalition for Ticket Fairness - NY
Coalition for Ticket Fairness - NY

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Ticket Ownership

Once you purchase a ticket, it's yours. You should be allowed to resell, gift, or transfer, with no restrictions.

There are those in legislation that want the ability to take this right from ticket holders, and give this right to venues, teams, and promoters, allowing them to allow ticketing restrictions, if they so choose.


Currently, a ticket for a NY event belongs to the ticket owner. No one can restrict the transfer-ability of that ticket  Let's stand up for event ticket owner's rights and keep it that way.

Together, our voices can be heard. Join CTF - NY today and stand up for what you believe.

Who's at risk?

Any ticket holder that wants the freedom to have the ability to resell, transfer, or gift their ticket for an event in NY, without the Venue's ability to prohibit that.

Look at other states that allow the venue to restrict what a ticket holder can do with their own ticket. Consumers are then forced to buy from the venue at whatever price the venue sets.

Imagine buying a ticket for an event, something comes up and you can't make it... You don't want anyone to be able to tell you what you could or can't do with YOUR ticket.

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NY State Licensing and Bonding

To apply for a Ticket Reseller License in the State of New York, please visit the state's website. 

To submit an application with the state of NY, you will also need to have a bond, covering $25,000. The cost of such bond depends on the company that is underwriting and selling the bond to you.

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